2009 – New project, new technique

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It’s called “Twined Knitting” – a Swedish method of knitting.  I found the pattern (Larus & Ardea) on Ravelry (ravelry.com) by…

Rust op Twist Electric

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Phew – it’s been awhile

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I’m startled to see how much time has passed since my last entry…  Hurricane was intense for us.  We went from…

Hurricane Omar

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…. is off of St. Croix as I type.  It’s been an unsettling day.  Hannah was all set to get on…

Tognazini’s for Lunch

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Ted and I went to Morro Bay – Tognazini’s for lunch.  It was a fabulous Fall day – crisp and clear….

Soccer Day!

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Nicolas – the little guy to the left coming at the ball – is 4 years old. The new skill is…

What’s new?

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  What’s up? We spent the weekend in LA… Ted is a Hot Wheel (yes, the little toy car) collector and…


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William Butler Yeats — The Second Coming (1920) Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer;…

Unhappy Loom

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Does this look like a happy Loom to you?  It does not.  I warped this up with beautiful browns and cream…

Best laid plans

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So I took my camera with me – hoping to take a picture to post for the day…  which says it…