SLO Farmer’s Market

April 11, 2009 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Los Osos is on the coast from San Luis Obispo (California).  We live in Los Osos – the ‘big town’ is San Luis Obispo – fondly referred to by locals as “SLO” town.  (We had a friend who had a passionate hobby – photographing all the ‘SLO’ vanity plates.)  Thursday night farmer’s market in San Luis Obispo has been happening since before we moved here 25+ years ago.  It’s 4 city blocks (more or less depending on the season) of produce from Cal Poly ag program, local farms and organic farms, Fresno…  And not just veggies – but honey and nuts and cheeses and flowers….  Lots of local restaurants have a street booth (not just the BBQ places).  There is always entertainment – belly dancers, puppeteers, music – you name it.  It’s really pretty amazing when you think of it – this is a local constant.  

We don’t attend often – There’re are several others that are not nearly as crowded that I generally will attend vs the Thursday night market – Los Osos has a good one on Monday afternoons.  Morro Bay has a nice but small market on Saturday afternoons.  The Saturday morning market at the shopping center parking lot in San Luis Obispo is really nice.  But on this past Thursday – Ted and I were celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary.  We wanted to do something before heading to dinner and there weren’t any movies that appealed to us.  Farmer’s Market it was.  How fun!  The Artichokes were HUGE.  This is dinner tonight.  2 rib-eyes (bone-in) and these gigundous artichokes and some strawberries for dessert.  YUM.