kag2Karin Gray is a long time practitioner of fiber arts.  From knitting to felting, dying to rug hooking, hand weaving to loom work, and finally to quilting – it’s the textures, colors and tools of the trade which call to her.  Not a purist in the definitions of hand-made, Karin’s workshop includes inspiring tools both new and old:  an antique mechanical sock knitter, a venerable hardwood floor loom, her hand-crafted light table and of course the ever-faithful sewing machine.

Born in Wisconsin, Karin now shares her time between the tropics of St. Croix and Northern California’s foggy coasts.  St. Croix is a large source of inspiration, visually and culturally, while her cosy fiber-laden art den in California is where much of her inspirations take shape.

Outside of fiber arts, Karin enjoys traveling, cooking, good wine and good friends.  When on St. Croix, she and her husband enjoy the simple pleasures of island life with their daughter.  In California, they make wine from local grapes and enjoy the company of their grandchildren.  Their yellow labrador Becka and tonkinese cat Nimbus are seasoned travelers, accompanying them between the islands and mainland.