Nice pic of Deb… and Art in the Park

April 3, 2010 Uncategorized 0 Comments

This is a nice picture of Deb before she left…  at the back bar at Savant. She looks happy!  It was a really nice time with her.

The art pattern continues on.  Hannah and I did “Art in the Park” yesterday!  We met at the Fort in C’sted.  I’ve briefly walked through there and I have even did the tourist thing at the Fort.  But I’ve never taken the time to sit at any of the many well placed benches or picnic tables and just relaxed there.  It’s lovely.  There was a group of mothers and young kids on a play date.  And many other folk meandering through.  There are some mahogany trees there that are well established and beautiful.  Lots of shade.

So we were going to paint some building from that vantage point but I found the building to have too many lines and too many perspective issues for my skill level.  Instead – I turned to Hotel on the Cay and saw a nice simple boat scene.  I am finished with it – but maybe Pjete can help me to do a better job on the boats….

I’m excited about heading to Spain!  Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Merida….  Rioja and Albarino wines….  good food, late night dinners, tapas.  Old city walls and cathedrals.  The Prado.

Hannah and John are coming over for an early dinner tomorrow.  Bob from downstairs will join us too.  No big shakes – scalloped potatoes and ham, salad.  Still working like crazy at house chores!  Ted is laboring at the hurricane shutters these past several days.  I have plenty of painting tasks.  🙂