What’s up?

February 4, 2009 Uncategorized 0 Comments

February 2009 – January went by in an Arizona blur!  We deserted poor Nim (who has Jim and Shera wrapped well around his left front dew-claw) and took Bekka along with us for the marathon install and startup of the 1st TCSA Excitation Unit at Glen Canyon Dam.  All went really well – hard work all around – success!

I’m back in the office.  Catching up and moving on.  I have one of the “wristies” finished and am well into the 2nd – I did little knitting in January.  My loom is still awaiting me.  I’m thinking instead of a twill weave – I will use some of the stuff that I got from Kathy and make a mixed media tabby weave shawl.  I am intrigued with using different fibers in the same piece – yet have not much experience in doing such for figuring out drape and feel, etc.  Well – still looking at the colors and touching…  No set plans yet.