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October 9, 2008 Uncategorized 0 Comments


What’s up? We spent the weekend in LA… Ted is a Hot Wheel (yes, the little toy car) collector and attends the conventions pretty regularly. I join him – not so much for the hot wheels – but to be social and to travel about. There are generally 2/year – and one is almost always on the west coast – LAX this year. Hannah came out – so I enjoyed spending time with her. Not so much the LAX area. I just wasn’t up to fighting through the 405 traffic (at any given time of day) to go somewhere I didn’t really feel strongly about getting to. We did explore some of Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Shopped a bit…

Charles and Sophia Kitson – Hot Wheel fans from London – drove up on Tuesday and are spending
the week with us. They’ve been before so know what to expect and what they want to do! Which is a good thing as I have plenty of work to be doing! They are off to explore the old Hearst Hacienda in Jolon today. The weather has gotten a bit cooler – I think they will have a good time.

I finished reading Ted Bell’s new book “TSAR” last night – and enjoyed it.

So that’s the current skinny. I’m not feeling terribly philosophical or up to commenting on anything really important… The state of the economy is discouraging – waiting to see what the next day will bring. I’m trying to keep a focus on those things I can control and have an effect on.