Sleepless in Los Osos

September 25, 2008 Uncategorized 0 Comments

So what do you do when you can’t sleep?  This is an infrequent problem for me.  I just finished my library book…  what to do.  I compared new book releases on Amazon to my “hold” list at the library (I love that libraries are online).  I’m an inveterate mystery/thriller fan.  Historical novels too – but a new mystery by a favorite author is a draw that I can’t resist.  

We got home at a reasonable time.  Nimbus has been happy to see us.  Something odd – Los Osos is not a very rural community.  It’s somewhat densely populated – typical small California lots, etc.  We’ve been gone about 10 days.  We had left some Kindereggs (Kindereggs are Nestle candies – about the size of real eggs – a thin chocolate egg with a capsule inside.  The capsule has a cool toy – usually a very elaborate, assemble yourself little toy.  These are unavailable in the U.S. – Ted brought them back from Mexico recently for the grandkids.) on the kitchen counter.  When we got home – of the dozen K.eggs – there were 4 of the inside capsules left…  Huh?  Shera (the neighbor looking after Nimbus) thinks that raccoons had been in.  She saw dirty footprints on the counter and several days running the scraps of an eaten kinderegg….  She put the remaining surviving eggs in the cupboard for us.  Weird.  Raccoons in the house!  So we are considering ways to modify the dog/cat door so that the cat can come and go but not have the flap big enough for raccoons.