Who in the world?

September 22, 2008 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Not to be confused with “Where in the World?” which comes later….  I’m not new to the web – but I am new to “blogging” in the modern sense.  Though I don’t suppose that you will get to this point unless you already know who I am – I may as well put the chosen pertinent facts out there!

Almost 50, Wisconsin-native, living these past 24 years on the Central Coast of California – currently with Ted and our cat Nimbus and our dog Bekka.  I’ve been married to Ted for 26 years.  Hannah is our daughter.  When I’m home my Saturdays are often spent cheering on our Grand-kids (Amy & Nathan’s kids – Nathan is Ted’s son) at various sporting events.  

Weaving, knitting, quilting, wine making, photography, cooking, music, exploring – these are all pretty frequent pursuits.  Ted and I have been working together for 20+ years on a daily basis for “work”….  (we work in the electric power industry).  This kind of relationship is challenging and rewarding – but often intense.  Ted travels quite a lot business related – I travel some, more in recent years.

We keep a 2nd home in the US Virgin Islands – on St. Croix.  Life there is different and a real compliment to the crazy way we seem to be living ‘up here’.  Mostly we get there frequently – this year not so much…  

So Where in the World?  as I type today – Page Arizona.  We have a long term project here (next year and a half maybe) at Glen Canyon Dam and will likely be here off and on for the duration.  We are keeping a condo just north of Page in Greenehaven.  We have the dog with us this trip (she makes a good traveling companion).  We’ve spent a lot of time this trip (outside of actual work) in the desert – cruising the surface for fossils.  Locally here it’s like what walking on the moon must be like….  The scenery is incredible.  We’ve been out there whole days and never seen anyone or much of anything else.  Jackrabbits, lizards, ants.