Best laid plans

September 28, 2008 Uncategorized 0 Comments

So I took my camera with me – hoping to take a picture to post for the day…  which says it better than words.  But the camera got locked in the car with the dinner.  What???  I understand your confusion….

We frequently dine at Montana de Oro State Park – adjacent to the town we live in to the south – a beautiful coastal area.  The minimal service campground allows fires and for years we have frequented it with a few other friends for pot luck dinners.  Gather early evening, get a good roaring fire going, spread out the food goods and good wine – enjoy good company.

This morning Deborah called – she and Gary recently saw their daughter off to UC Davis to school and did we all want to get together for dinner at Montana de Oro?  Of course.  I made a fabulous pot of Albondigas soup – a cooker of rice with the side fixin’s.  Pjete brought dessert.  Deborah and Gary brought their own stuff for the fire.  So as Ted and I arrive first – Ted starts to take the soup pot from the car and I stop him – saying it will stay warmer in the car until we are ready.  The car is new for me – only a few weeks old.  I took the keys from the ignition – but left them in the center console – not wanting to misplace them in the dark at the campsite.  Eventually – after we’d all arrived and were settled in – Ted went to get the dinner from the car and asked me if I’d locked the car on purpose???  uh…. No.  

Apparently 2008 Jeep Sahara Unlimiteds have a default program to lock the doors automatically.  Beware.  AAA came out within an hour of being called and the guy had the door open in minutes – without setting off the alarm.  Beware.  Guess I’ll be reading my owner’s manual more carefully tomorrow.

So – obviously the camera was in the car with the dinner for most of the evening.  Maybe next time?!