Weaving, weaving, and m o r e weaving!!!

October 3, 2016 Uncategorized

My sewing machine has been in repair status for several months…  I was able to do a really lovely piece to enter in a show in August – but since then I’ve been working at the loom.  In the recent process of moving from my little “room under the stairs” to the spare bedroom as a workroom I discovered quite a lot of alpaca yarns – much of which was acquired from Jan Grammar.

The great thing about Jan’s yarns are that they are labeled with the names of the animal(s) who contributed to the fiber!  It is very rewarding to me to attach a label to the finished piece with the names of the alpaca as contributors.

I am off to St. Croix soon but hope to enlist the talents of my Granddaughter when I return to show off my weavings for posting.