The Process

March 26, 2019 Uncategorized

I’ve mentioned often enough that in making the jewelry I make – I acquire the rough materials, cut and shape and polish them.  Then design the setting/decide on what it will become.


In this process – I like to make sketches of what I envision the finished product to be.  This helps in so many ways…  No.1 – using watercolor is just simply a zen-like experience.  For me.  No. 2 – it really helps to keep me organized.


No. 3 – It keeps me focused.  I might have an idea for some new aspect of design.  Or in this sketching process I might have some sudden epiphany of what will work that I’ve not used before.



This is what happened with this latest “batch” of cabs off of the CabKing.  I typically mark the silver with a sterling mark.  And at some point in the process I solder a little “badge” on that is my maker’s mark.  (Sometimes I forget to do one or any of these things in the proper time frame – and it just doesn’t happen :(. )  On these bracelets – and maybe if I use chain in a necklace – I have made a little extra piece – with my mark on the back and a metal (silver or copper) bead or ball on the front.  It’s attached near the clasp.  So cool!