The COVID Life!

April 19, 2021 Uncategorized

Well, life in 2021 so far is much like 2020 – less fear and less drama but still far from normal. We’ve become quite the home-body’s. After a whole year – we came down to St. Croix – our 2nd home. And life here is awesome. Old friends, embracing the ‘living’ – safely but fully. Our home is on the water. Daily maintenance involves clearing the beach of sargassum (seaweed washed in overnight), tracking the Noni-tree iguana, looking for new fire-ant hills. Nothing very onerous. As I type I am watching a brilliant sunset and my neighbors up the hill just went through with their two dogs and young son – returning home from a sunset swim.

I am really fortunate to have a 2nd studio down here. Small – but very functional. It is a joy to lose myself in a project with some music. Small space is a challenge to be organized and tidy – which I actually enjoy. The island has some steady tourist traffic and lots of local and talented jewelers to serve them. They are inspiring to me.

Pic of a recent sunset – just to make you all jealous!