The Big Trip: day 3 (Feb 3rd)

February 5, 2015 Uncategorized

Page to Canyon de Chelly (Chinle AZ) Tuesday

A  L O N G drive today.  We stayed in Page long enough to visit Blair’s Trading Post.  Send a postcard off to the grand-boys.  Then hit the road.

We drove south on the detoured Rt. 89 to Cameron.  They have a gallery there that is like a museum with very fine representations of Navajo rugs in particular.  Then back up to Tuba City and across the Hope Mesas.  We have always enjoyed that route.  Stopping at a few of the Hopi craftmen’s shops and trading posts along the way.

We got to Canyon de Chelly in time to make a quick tour of the South Rim.

Dinner in Chinle was bleak.  Few options.  We opted for the #1 yelp recommendation.  They seated us (at the Junction) in a room with bunches of kids.  The food was ok.  Nothing to write home about for sure…