Gem Dino Agate Bolo Tie – Reds!


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This is a stunning Bolo Tie featuring a Dino Gem Agate in reds, set in Sterling Silver. Hung on a braided leather cord with hand-crafted sterling tips It measures approximately 24x44mm.

I get my stone materials and cut, shape and polish them myself.  I procure the gold or silver metal flat or as rolled wire or tubes and use it to shape and create my designs.  

Agatized Dinosaur Bone is a rare form of fossilized dinosaur bone where the original fossilized bone has been re-mineralized with silica-type compounds (agate, jasper, chalcedony, or opal). The most prolific layers of gem bone come from the Morrison Formation, identifying the remains as late Jurassic, dated from 146 to 156,000,000 years ago. This means that the agatized bone was created over 100,000,000 years after the dinosaur died and was buried.

Hand-crafted art/jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces and generally are not duplicated exactly.  Stones vary, measurements vary.  I can collaborate with you if you would like to have a piece made for you or for someone else. Sterling silver may be polished with any number of good silver cleaner/polish products. Any applied patina will naturally wear over time. Natural stones are fragile and may break if dropped, heated directly, stepped on, etc.  Care should be taken.