It’s a Brave New World…

May 25, 2020 Uncategorized

… and I and you are not alone. COVID-19 has made the view from my windows a whole lot different. The traffic is less (tho admittedly in Los Osos traffic is not much of an issue), the sky is clearer, the noise – it can be so quiet these days. Before we left St. Croix (March 24) it was similar there. All things are relative. But still – things are different.

Some amazing people have really stepped up and stepped in during this time – An amazing woman – Francesca Watson – who I did not know before this crisis – but am so pleased to have met (if only virtually) now. She is sharing her talent and experience with other jewelry makers – something she generally command quite a fee for – for the sake of keeping active, keeping in touch, keeping sane, keeping others sane. Sessions with Francesca has jump started my imagination and desire to try new things! Exciting!

So as the world opens up and we start moving again – stay safe. Keep the quiet we have found and come to appreciate. Be good. Be kind.