Fun with Travel…

December 28, 2016 Uncategorized

So…  I needed to get to Chicago – last minute trip.  (Family issues) I flew United to LAX and then ORD.  I have not flown this route for quite some time and I was pleased to see that United is using terminal 7 at LAX and that my commuter gate was only several gates away from my flight to Chicago.  I had a less than 40 minute connection and this gave me time (on the commuter RJ’s from SLO you need to leave your carry-on at the stairs to the plane as the on-board space is not adequate for all but about 5% of anyone’s carry-on luggage) to stand in line once in LA to retrieve my carry-on and get to the connecting flight with ease.

Until the commuter from SLO was delayed.  But – Good News!  Much of the delay was made up during the flight so now I had 30 mins. to make my connection.  That’s ok.  Until…  They taxied, they parked, they taxied, they parked, they taxied… etc.  By the time the plane door opened I had 8 minutes.  8 minutes to deplane, wait at the door for my carry-on to come up, then run like crazy 4 gates down.

They were announcing the door was closing as I exited the jetway from the commuter flight.  I was running flat out (in cowboy boots, dragging a wobbling carryon) and waving my bright colored winter coat hoping they would see me and take pity.  They did.  I made it.  No real issues.

I got to ORD and saw my rental car bus pulling up so I ran for that too…  across the roads and curbs…  Stepped up on the bus and my left knee collapsed.  It was sore during that week – no doubt.  Worse at night.  The flight home was crowded but otherwise uneventful.  Several days after my return home I could barely walk.  I have a torn MCL (inside-side of the knee) and torn meniscus.  It’s a giant swollen knob of a knee and it’s about the most painful injury I’ve ever had.  I wear a hinged brace 100% of the time (other than shower).  I take the stairs one at a time.  This sucks.