Day 7 – 10: Saturday – Tuesday

February 10, 2015 Uncategorized

The Big Trip – Feb 7 – 10 Tucson – El Paso – Carlsbad Caverns – Abilene – Mineral Wells – Lake Texoma

Tucson was big fun!  In a such a different way than Canyon de Chelly.  It was great spending time with Tim and Pim.  Fun to see Byron Blessed from Whitby UK.  Amazing all the STUFF on display and for sale at the Tucson Fossil, Gem, & Mineral Show.  I’d love to go back!

We had an uneventful drive to El Paso – where we spent the night Saturday.  Sunday was the drive up to Carlsbad Caverns.  Watch out for the speed trap at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park….  A surprisingly friendly National Parks Officer – Officer Nichols – did not write me a ticket…  Carlsbad Caverns are amazing!  My favorite picture was of the “Whale’s Mouth” which you see on the decent down into the Caverns from the “Natural” entrance.


The Whale’s Mouth – Carlsbad Caverns

We hiked down – but rode the elevator back…  I have come down with a pretty crappy cold – and not to complain – but it has put a damper on things.

One result is that Ted has had to drive for the past several days.  He drives well – but long drives are not on his list of favorite things.  The good news – is that by today I feel better.  Not much better – but better.  I’m hoping tomorrow I’m back to fossil hunting with Andi and Ted and enjoying the driving.

Andi has just had a blast.  She and Ted were out last evening after we got here (Denison TX) at Lake Texoma – they went to a creek site that Ted had been informed of.  Andy’s first time encountering water (other than the Pacific Ocean) in nature.  She had a blast!!!  What a great dog.  She’s amazing.

Tomorrow we head off to a site or 2 more local here for fossils.  Then it’s east to Lafayette LA.

One really interesting part of the drive to Abilene – the Geese.  Part of that area must be a fly-by for geese.  In a very narrow area – there were flocks of geese – hundreds and hundreds all back along the horizon.  All in their “Vee” formations.