Cooking today!

March 9, 2019 Daily

The weather here is inspiring me to cook – make the house smell good.  Inviting, warm, hearty food.  Today’s speciality:  Orange Marmalade – the Italian Way!  Pietro – the Italian guy at Quality Foods on St. Croix stocks some Italian marmalades – they are amazing!  They differ from the “English” style by being less jellied in texture – more of a jam.  So – lacking the Sicilian oranges I am using Cara Cara’s from Monday’s Farmer’s Market (here in Los Osos).  It is citrus season here in California!

The oranges have to soak for a few days (after you puncture just the rind).  Then after getting it all together in the pan – it cooks for hours.  I’ll have plenty to share!

Other comforting foods I’ve been making – I roasted a pork shoulder yesterday – all day!  We had pulled pork tacos last night.  Plenty left for sandwiches and more to freeze for gumbo’s or?  I have chicken ready for chicken pot pies.  Yummy!  Gluten free to share with special friends.

Life is good.