Big Changes!

September 24, 2018 Uncategorized

So – an update – We have been going to Tucson Fossil Gem and Mineral Show now for some years…  Each year I enjoy looking at all the rough materials – chunks and slabs of rocks – but thinking I don’t have anything to do with all of that!  Until this last year…

We came home, in February, with a CabKing (cutting and polishing equipment) on order and dinosaur bone and boulder opal and some turquoise in the car. With a stop at Kent’s for some basic jewelry making tools we were soon home.  Ted built me an amazing bench in the garage (with water and electric and a rubber floor).  And I have not stopped since.  It’s been quite a ride!

It’s a bit obsessive…  addictive…

I’ve had a few opportunities to consult with other “makers” and it’s clear that all the work is paying off.  I can feel it and I am generally my most staunch critic.  I LOVE the process of making beautiful things.  I love working with amazing tools and learning something new every time I start a new rock.  I am particularly drawn to dinosaur bone (fossil connection, I’m sure – and it’s ‘different’).  I really love turquoise too.  And I just got a piece of lapis that I’m very anxious to give a try!

I still sew – in fact I have several projects either in process or strong ideas/plans for.  It’s clear to me that having different creative outlets only helps each path.