Beautiful new work!

June 12, 2024 Uncategorized

I’ve been wonderfully productive this past month! I returned home from a long stay on St. Croix (USVI) – and found that I’d really missed my studio. So I set to work – utilizing all the big tools – appreciating the bigger space in my California studio.

I am an odd mix of engineer and artist. I LOVE tools! Gadgets! Metal-smithing does require some good, well made tools – yay! I recently acquired a “ring bender” making the task of bending metal stock into nice, smooth curves – for rings or anything with round edges – easier. I put it to good use making a handful of new rings!

Last year I was able to acquire some really beautiful seam agate from a miner in Idaho. I’ve seen some stunning rocks from Idaho and am really excited to work with this material.

Take a look. Tell me what you think!

– Karin