Sterling Silver Earrings


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These Sterling Silver earrings are roughly 20x4mm each.  The geometric shapes have been applied to the base.  I have applied a patina to the base to give contrast to the circles on top.  The bail is concealed on the backside.

A patina applied to metal is a surface reactant.  It’s a chemical reaction on the surface of the metal.  Typically or traditionally this is a Liver of Sulfur application, however, modern alternatives have come about giving generally more reliable results.  One important note on this patina – it will wear down over time and become less black.  Polishing will encourage it to wear more quickly.  I have applied a museum wax coating to the piece which will help to keep it black – but IT WILL wear off over time.  Exposure to certain elements such as mineral springs, bleach, heavy sweat will also cause metals to change color.  I would use a polish cloth lightly on the raised parts on the front side of this piece.

I get my stone materials and cut, shape and polish them myself.  I procure the gold or silver metal flat or as rolled wire or tubes and use it to shape and create my designs.  My designs are made entirely by me.

Hand-crafted art/jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces and generally are not duplicated exactly.  Stones vary, measurements vary.  I can collaborate with you if you would like to have a piece made for you or for someone else. Sterling silver may be polished with any number of good silver cleaner/polish products.  Natural stones are fragile and may break if dropped, heated directly, stepped on, etc.  Care should be taken.