The COVID Life!

April 19, 2021 Uncategorized

Well, life in 2021 so far is much like 2020 – less fear and less drama but still far from normal. We’ve become quite the home-body’s. After a whole year – we came down to St. Croix – our 2nd home. And life here is awesome. Old friends, embracing the ‘living’ – safely but fully. Our home is on the water. Daily maintenance involves clearing the beach of sargassum (seaweed washed in overnight), tracking the Noni-tree iguana, looking for new fire-ant hills. Nothing very onerous. As I type I am watching a brilliant sunset and my neighbors up the hill just went through with their two dogs and young son – returning home from a sunset swim.

I am really fortunate to have a 2nd studio down here. Small – but very functional. It is a joy to lose myself in a project with some music. Small space is a challenge to be organized and tidy – which I actually enjoy. The island has some steady tourist traffic and lots of local and talented jewelers to serve them. They are inspiring to me.

Pic of a recent sunset – just to make you all jealous!

Happy 2021!

January 3, 2021 Uncategorized

We spent the 1st Sunday this year fossil hunting. We have a long lease on a tiny bit of fossiliferous land in Oildale (Bakersfield). We go over from time to time – when the weather is not too hot or too cold or too wet…. Sometimes we haul the camper and make a few days of it, sometimes we stay overnight at the Padre. It’s not that I find fossils to be my passion (it is my husbands) – but rather a purpose to be outdoors in remote areas, just ‘being’. And I do like to find fossils. 🙂

Bakersfield has a few Basque restaurants and it’s always a treat to visit when we are staying the night. If you passing through look up Wool Growers or Benji’s.

It struck me – on the drive home yesterday – looking at the absolute barrenness of the oil derrick filled landscape – that the very air today is full of virus. (I know in reality the COVID 19 virus is short lived in the air). People in Oildale CA are just as susceptible to this as people in New York City as people are in Paris France or people in Alnif Morocco… How much we are all the same and how our individual actions – in all ways – affects everyone on this planet… Deep thoughts – but it’s a long quiet drive.

Be safe this 3rd day of 2021. Be well. Live well and love lots.

Life with Frank

December 14, 2020 Uncategorized

Does this have anything at all to do with “making” things?  No.  Long before adopting a ‘rescue’ was a thing we all had cats.  A cat from someone’s farm, or someone’s cat had kittens, or a cat just adopted you.  Both my married family and my childhood family – we’ve always had cats.  Some more dear than others, of course.  

Then the unthinkable thing happened…  we were only living with one cat for a time.  But he was the best cat who we had ever lived with.  He just was.  And he was killed.  Tragically.  We were years without a cat.  It was still just too painful.

Then we saw Frank on a social media post.  And we immediately said – he’s ours.  We applied and got him from a rescue.  He was about 1 year old (guessed) and his past was not clearly defined.  They called him “Sinatra” from his very blue eyes.  We changed him to Frank.  

I think Frank was feral from not long after his birth.  He clearly exhibits many behaviors that suggest he never had a mama’s love or discipline.  He’s way too ‘sharp’ with teeth and claws.  He has emotional overload with very little stimulation. 

We have amended his name:  Frank ‘Richard’ Sinatra.  Because he can be a Dick.

He’s been with us for a year.  And the changes since we first got him are remarkable.  He seeks out attention.  He sleeps with us every night – touching and amenable to movement by his ‘host’.  Lately he’s been jumping onto our laps!  For short periods of time – and very occasionally for an hour or so!

He does, however, earn his middle name.  Like a three year old child when you get on the phone – gravity checking every item on the counter.  Shredding a random piece of paper. Leaping at the dog from around a corner.  I once had to get a check from someone replaced: “The cat ate it!”  

He seeks out interaction and attention – but often it turns to a bite or slash when he just can’t handle it.  He’s gotten better.  But he still does it.  

Amazingly – he does not shred furniture.  He did however, take out the bottom of every screen door on our St. Croix house…  we’ve ended up having to block off the bottoms of all of the sliders with cardboard and duct tape.  Original décor style!  Even after installing a cat door in one of the slider screens so he could access the gallery at will…

From time to time I may talk about him – I wanted you guys to know him.  We are hoping that the encouraging signs we see in him continue to develop and he turns into a less sharp friend…  Just this morning he came up to me and just pressed into my legs.  (It was still a little much to be picked up and actually cuddled….)  He clearly loves us and enjoys living with us.  

The Stuff I Make

October 30, 2020 Uncategorized

I make all of the things that I sell. And I make 99.9% of each item. Me. I don’t “make” or even mine the stone – but any stone in my jewelry I have taken from a rock to a slice of the rock to a shape to a polished gem. My metal in my jewelry is purchased as a flat piece or a round wire and cut, fit, soldered, filed, sanded, cleaned, polished to fit to the stones that I’ve made. I sometimes purchase bulk chain or cord – but even then I will cut to size and add clasps, etc. to make it part of a piece. Nothing came from a factory or from China. Each piece of jewelry I sell is unique. I can duplicate – to a degree – but never will 2 things be exactly alike.

I sound prideful – and I am. I’m not denigrating those that don’t have such an in-depth process to their work. But I am proud of being able to say “I made that” and mean exactly that – I made all of that!

Fall 2020

October 23, 2020 Uncategorized

Phew! This year will soon be coming to an end! In so many ways – I can’t wait! I love Fall though. It’s a time of year that energizes me. Yet also seems to pull me back to my roots. What’s important. … Of course this year is different from recent years… We are generally packing up for our sojourn to St. Croix – where we stay through the New Year at least or longer. This year we are staying in Los Osos. We want to be closer to friends who may need some help just now. I will definitely be missing my island home and my daughter and friends. All my love to you. XOXO