May 4, 2019 Uncategorized

So the joys (not so much) and woes of remodeling.  UGH.  It’s been several months since we determined that the wet accumulation on the bathroom carpet was plumbing related…  and the sledgehammer came out.  We had spoken a number of times about the need/desire to update the bathroom (25+ years old house).  But we were totally unprepared.  For the time it would take.  For the DIRT that would be EVERYWHERE.  For the effort in just making the decisions….  And the cost…  just rip open a vein and let the money bleed out.

But YEAH!  It’s almost done.  We can see the light.  Tile guys did an AMAZING job.  We have installed a couple of awesome luxuries – let me tell you – Heated Towel Bar.  Heated Floor.  Oh. My. Goodness.

Ted is installing the shower fixtures and several electronic items today.  The cabinet guy is making good progress.  I used the upstairs toilet last night!  (Sorry, TMI, but – YEAH!)  I’m thinking about new towels and colors (yes, the linens were 25+ years old too…).

The Process

March 26, 2019 Uncategorized

I’ve mentioned often enough that in making the jewelry I make – I acquire the rough materials, cut and shape and polish them.  Then design the setting/decide on what it will become.


In this process – I like to make sketches of what I envision the finished product to be.  This helps in so many ways…  No.1 – using watercolor is just simply a zen-like experience.  For me.  No. 2 – it really helps to keep me organized.


No. 3 – It keeps me focused.  I might have an idea for some new aspect of design.  Or in this sketching process I might have some sudden epiphany of what will work that I’ve not used before.



This is what happened with this latest “batch” of cabs off of the CabKing.  I typically mark the silver with a sterling mark.  And at some point in the process I solder a little “badge” on that is my maker’s mark.  (Sometimes I forget to do one or any of these things in the proper time frame – and it just doesn’t happen :(. )  On these bracelets – and maybe if I use chain in a necklace – I have made a little extra piece – with my mark on the back and a metal (silver or copper) bead or ball on the front.  It’s attached near the clasp.  So cool!


Cooking today!

March 9, 2019 Daily

The weather here is inspiring me to cook – make the house smell good.  Inviting, warm, hearty food.  Today’s speciality:  Orange Marmalade – the Italian Way!  Pietro – the Italian guy at Quality Foods on St. Croix stocks some Italian marmalades – they are amazing!  They differ from the “English” style by being less jellied in texture – more of a jam.  So – lacking the Sicilian oranges I am using Cara Cara’s from Monday’s Farmer’s Market (here in Los Osos).  It is citrus season here in California!

The oranges have to soak for a few days (after you puncture just the rind).  Then after getting it all together in the pan – it cooks for hours.  I’ll have plenty to share!

Other comforting foods I’ve been making – I roasted a pork shoulder yesterday – all day!  We had pulled pork tacos last night.  Plenty left for sandwiches and more to freeze for gumbo’s or?  I have chicken ready for chicken pot pies.  Yummy!  Gluten free to share with special friends.

Life is good.

March 4th

March 5, 2019 Uncategorized

Marching forth…  🙂  It’s been a very productive few days.  I’ve implemented a new jewelry design feature – successfully (meaning no burnt up metal in the process!).  I’ve made my first pair of earrings!  They’ve long been on the list – but I’ve resisted.  I make everything – so I obtain a chunk or slab of stone material and I cut it and shape it and polish it.  And making earrings means making 2 of the same – or very close to the same.  But it turns out it wasn’t as hard as it seems.  And I’m very happy with the results!

And…  I took off a fabulous very red shawl from the loom!  It’s absolutely gorgeous with a lovely drape.  I’m so motivated to warp of the loom for the next project!

So the rain and the cold and the bathroom construction (long story) have only served to help me concentrate on getting some great things done and keep me in the groove for more!

Wacky Wednesday!

October 3, 2018 Uncategorized

…  not really wacky.  I cut some new to me materials – some Lapis.  I can’t wait to shape and polish it!  I have some cool looking dinosaur in this batch and some plasma agate – which I have never cut before.  This should be an interesting next few weeks!  AND sewing AND weaving!  My time of year!