The Stuff I Make

October 30, 2020 Uncategorized

I make all of the things that I sell. And I make 99.9% of each item. Me. I don’t “make” or even mine the stone – but any stone in my jewelry I have taken from a rock to a slice of the rock to a shape to a polished gem. My metal in my jewelry is purchased as a flat piece or a round wire and cut, fit, soldered, filed, sanded, cleaned, polished to fit to the stones that I’ve made. I sometimes purchase bulk chain or cord – but even then I will cut to size and add clasps, etc. to make it part of a piece. Nothing came from a factory or from China. Each piece of jewelry I sell is unique. I can duplicate – to a degree – but never will 2 things be exactly alike.

I sound prideful – and I am. I’m not denigrating those that don’t have such an in-depth process to their work. But I am proud of being able to say “I made that” and mean exactly that – I made all of that!

Fall 2020

October 23, 2020 Uncategorized

Phew! This year will soon be coming to an end! In so many ways – I can’t wait! I love Fall though. It’s a time of year that energizes me. Yet also seems to pull me back to my roots. What’s important. … Of course this year is different from recent years… We are generally packing up for our sojourn to St. Croix – where we stay through the New Year at least or longer. This year we are staying in Los Osos. We want to be closer to friends who may need some help just now. I will definitely be missing my island home and my daughter and friends. All my love to you. XOXO

It’s a Brave New World…

May 25, 2020 Uncategorized

… and I and you are not alone. COVID-19 has made the view from my windows a whole lot different. The traffic is less (tho admittedly in Los Osos traffic is not much of an issue), the sky is clearer, the noise – it can be so quiet these days. Before we left St. Croix (March 24) it was similar there. All things are relative. But still – things are different.

Some amazing people have really stepped up and stepped in during this time – An amazing woman – Francesca Watson – who I did not know before this crisis – but am so pleased to have met (if only virtually) now. She is sharing her talent and experience with other jewelry makers – something she generally command quite a fee for – for the sake of keeping active, keeping in touch, keeping sane, keeping others sane. Sessions with Francesca has jump started my imagination and desire to try new things! Exciting!

So as the world opens up and we start moving again – stay safe. Keep the quiet we have found and come to appreciate. Be good. Be kind.

Workshop Improvements!!!

July 14, 2019 Uncategorized

I have a perfect little jewelry workshop. My dear husband built me a counter with a sink that houses my CabKing, my soldering station and A L L of my oh so many tools… I am a tool fanatic. I LOVE tools! So I saw this cabinet come up at a local auction house and knew it would be a great improvement in my workshop situation.

25 Drawers! Oh My. And it’s deep – 28″. This is going to be awesome. We will go after it tomorrow – all 9’5″. Wow!

Spring is Here!

May 30, 2019 Uncategorized

… and on the Central Coast of California – that means fog and wind at home – and summer temperatures elsewhere.  The layering has begun.

I’m inspired – a trusted supplier has sold me some Guadalupe Poppy Agate (which is from Morgan Hill California!) and I can’t wait for it to get here!  My Dinosaur Gem Bone is basically an agate and occasionally I will cut other agate for variety and interest.  This poppy agate is going to be awesome!

I recently have been cutting some Spiderweb Agate (usually from the Oregon/Idaho border area) and it too, is beautiful.  And I shouldn’t forget the Tiffany Agate – so purple!  And has claims of very positive metaphysical properties.  All of these agates (maybe not the poppy agate) I’ve set in silver as well have left more natural with a big bore hole for hanging with a leather lace.